ROKKAN. A fully-integrated agency born from digital. Delivering strategy and execution for a rapidly changing and constantly connected world.

  • 2000.ROKKAN is born in a living room in New Jersey. Founding partners John Noe (CEO) and Chung Ng (CXO) decided that they wanted to try a radically different approach from what they were doing at their agency day jobs. They met Charles Bae (CCO) moonlighting as entrepreneurs while they collected capital and their first clients, and since then, the trio has helmed one of the most successful indie agencies in the business.

  • 2004.After a few years of working with small business clients, ROKKAN hits a slam-dunk. We redesigned, giving teams, players, and fans a new kind of digital experience that incorporated clean design while still offering every stat, standing, and juicy bit of video content that you and your fantasy league could possibly use.

  • 2006.ROKKAN reveals the new and the airline’s loyalty program, Elevate. Kicking off what’s now an industry-wide functionality, passengers could for the very first time, select a specific seat when booking flights. We reinvented the way Virgin America sold tickets, making booking transparent, and empowering the flyer by surfacing simple, clear fare prices that included all taxes and fees.

  • 2007.The designers, motion/3D artists, and developers at ROKKAN create an experience unlike any we'd ever made before: BioShock for PS3. It's an exploratory world of intense graphics as critically acclaimed as the game itself. BioShock is narrative-driven with an adaptive AI, allowing players to journey and battle for survival through an Art Deco underwater utopia gone mad, never playing the same way twice.

  • 2008.ROKKAN gets Bad. Founder Sean “Diddy” Combs sought us out to create the new digital face of Bad Boy Entertainment. A label with this kind of weight in the rap and hip-hop world required a site with a bold presence that could draw in fans and keep them up-to-date with artists, shows, and everything Bad Boy, all the time.

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  • 2010.ROKKAN unleashes the official website for 2K Games, showcasing the full suite of the gaming powerhouse’s titles and videos with a design that stressed artful aesthetics and eCommerce ease. We've an extremely fruitful partnership with 2K Games throughout our agency’s history, creating sites and digital campaigns for several of their award-winning franchises including: BioShock, Civilization/CivCity, Mafia, Top Spin, and Duke Nukem.