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We are Rokkan. Client partner for brands on the cusp of change.

We started this agency from very little. Three strangers in pursuit of something amazing despite our circumstances: lack of experience, lack of funds and lack of any clients. So we entered this space the only way we knew how, humbly ready to pour our heart and soul into everything we did. And for 14 years we’ve persisted, pursuing a version of ourselves we created in our minds. An agency designed to solve nearly any challenge a brand might have. Brands that, like us, defy their circumstances to pursue something greater. Something seemingly impossible.

Today, Rokkan works in nearly every client vertical—from automotive and packaged goods to healthcare and financial services. And though our journey has carried us far, the tireless pursuit of our better self is what truly defines us. We are an agency that not only embraces change but hungers for it. Our ambition: to constantly chase the undiscovered.

Welcome to Rokkan.

John Noe,

CEO & Co-Founder

We are Rokkan.


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