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Behind the scenes: Cadillac Tech Spots Show, Don’t Tell

Cadillac’s brand story is evolving parallel to its introduction of new technologies. This spring, we helped Cadillac bring that story of innovation into our communities.

When we started developing a series of digital and social spots to showcase Cadillac’s new technology features, we knew the work would have to speak for itself.

Cadillac wanted to help drivers make sense of technology – it wanted to be the brand that made technology understandable, relatable and useful. For that, the message and medium had to be no-brainers. Each spot had to make sense and click with viewers immediately by conveying the technology’s human benefit.

So we challenged ourselves. We decided to make each spot less than 20 seconds, with no dialogue and limited on-screen language, but full of simple visuals that tell an easy to understand story through imagination.

Cadillac wanted us to focus on new technology features available in the CT6, XT5, CTS and Escalade – magnetic ride control, park assist, rearview mirror camera, rear-seat infotainment and hands-free liftgate. Early on, we decided to showcase the technology through hyperbolic situations that showed off cutting edge technology and its human benefit. And since we only had 30 days to launch the spots, we had to be extremely purposeful with our creative.

To start, we set ground rules – eliminate technical jargon, simplify messaging and tell stories people can relate to. We decided to go from prestige to purpose and to show innovation not for its own sake, but for the sake of customer experience. We wanted to demonstrate technology that makes practical sense.

For magnetic ride control, our ‘Coffee Break’ spot featured a man riding a CTS with a cup of coffee he’d accidentally left on the roof of his car. The camera follows the car – and the coffee – for a while before the viewer understands that magnetic ride control gives you a smoother ride.

The second spot for magnetic ride control features a couple riding in an Escalade with a turntable in the back – again, a hyperbolic situation that conveys a simple message – that Cadillac technology will make sure you don’t skip a beat.

In ‘Fashion Trucks,’ we showcase automatic park assist technology when a CT6 slides perfectly into a tight spot at the press of a button. And in ‘Fashionistas,’ the rearview mirror camera makes a debut when two big haired women sitting in the back seat of an XT5 obstruct the rear view but don’t phase the driver, who flips the rearview mirror camera on for perfect visibility.

The fifth spot uses humor and envy to showcase rear-seat infotainment technology. In this spot, as two friends watch shows on their backseat monitors, the driver and passenger are obviously left out – while the back pair laugh and smile, the two up front can’t manage more than a scowl at missing out on the fun.

The sixth and final spot, for hands-free liftgate technology, follows a woman carrying packages back to her XT5 only to realize she doesn’t need her hands to open the trunk – instead, a simple kick of her high-heel shoe activates and opens the hatch. The message is so simple it sticks.

The spots are straightforward yet compelling, helping get across not the technological advances that made these services possible, but the type of experiences they enabled normal people to have. The spots are short, snappy and memorable insights that show – don’t tell – how Cadillac is reconnecting the driver with their car.

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