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Connecting Offline & Online.

Connecting offline and online: Integrated Marketing Week

Lindsay Williams (VP, Media + Analytics), joined by Alia Kemet (Media DirectorIKEA North America) and Ed Breault (Director, Marketing Strategy Consulting, Teradata), spoke at the Ask the Experts: Integrating Your Online with Your Offline panel at Integrated Marketing Week.

Providing consistent, relevant messaging for your customers – wherever they are – is the mark of true customer engagement. It takes well thought-out campaigns, but, more importantly, robust data that reveals the hidden insights to make your marketing sparkle. Though it has many challenges, those who reign supreme know that it’s the marriage between the offline and online worlds that leads to increased ROI, new leads, and converted customers. This panel discussion will walk you through some of those challenges and provide the answers that will help you reach your customer – both offline and online – in the most effective ways.

The Takeaway
Leading a panel discussion on Integrating Online with Offline proved to be a rich territory, where one could talk at length about organizational challenges and opportunities, marketing opportunities and also the consumer POV. One of the main takeaways was how brands can really limit themselves when they continue to be risk averse.

Another session I enjoyed was with 2 people from Google (Gautam Ramdurai and Jordan Rost), talking about how they identify trends and spikes before these “big moments.” For example, Oscar Sunday isn’t just about the event itself on that one day. Brands have an opportunity to capitalize on the conversation leading up to it — and that’s when influencers are really engaging anyway. They also encouraged people to think about “micro moments” and “macro seasons.”

Lastly, I liked the entrepreneurial slant on the 2 big keynotes — with Dave Gilboa from Warby Parker and Daymond John. The messages contrasted in that Dave and his co-founders were in business school, had a clear business plan and then disrupted the category of eyewear; for Daymond, he came from humble beginnings and was surrounded by hip hop culture as a young kid.

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