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Rokkan named ‘Hot Shop’ by the Clio Awards’ Creative Brief

After the CLIO Awards named ROKKAN a ‘Hot Shop,’ they sat down with Brian Carley (SVP, Executive Creative Director) to get inside our creative vision, work philosophy, and more:

CLIOs: You recently rejoined Rokkan after some time at Saatchi & Saatchi. What kinds of things does ROKKAN do better than larger agencies?
Brian: People talk about smaller places being scrappy, and I think we are pretty scrappy. The one thing I love about this place, and I can say it’s not the same at bigger places, is that if you’re an art director, you’re also a graphic designer and you have chops. If we’re designing a website or a print ad or anything related to a campaign, we’re taking it from concept to final execution. There’s no studio that we work with. Our creatives have to be able to carry through the entire process. That’s been really important. It helps us get stuff done really quickly. There’s less back and forth. You don’t have to send it off somewhere and have somebody else do it. We all sit in the same room, work really hard together, and everybody does everything, even the upper management. I’m designing stuff when I have to work late. We’re all just chipping in as much as we need to.

CLIOs: What’s the overriding creative philosophy at ROKKAN?
Brian: The thing that we’ve proven that we’re really good at is when we’re trying to tell a creative story or crack the story for our clients, we do it based on the sweet spot between the business need and the consumer need. That’s how we sell ourselves, and it’s what differentiates us from what some other places do. If a client comes to us and says, “We need a website,” we do the due diligence and do the strategy to figure out if they actually need a website or if they need something else. So, I think it’s crafting stories around that sweet spot between “The client thinks they need this” and “The consumer actually wants that.” Where is the middle area that’s going to let us tell the best story to the consumer and ultimately yield the best results to the client?

Read the full Q&A over at the CLIO Creative Brief.

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