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Cadillac CT5 ASMR Reveal

When Cadillac decided to reveal their newest performance sedan, the CT5, they knew they needed an idea that broke through the clutter and positioned the car in a way to drive different conversations than that of a traditional public relations reveal. To do this, Rokkan tapped into the internet’s obsession with both unboxing and ASMR. Also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR is an experience that creates a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin, often triggered by very specific combinations of audio and visuals.

The idea was simple. Inject ASMR and unboxing into the traditional vehicle reveal moment of the removal of the vehicle’s camouflage. The effect was massive. The campaign consisted of a series of four carefully engineered 8 second ASMR videos supported by stunning still photography. Each vignette showcased different design elements of the vehicle, all tailored to different key elements of the vehicle’s persona. These ranged from peeling off the camouflage from the CT5’s sinister lights to the slow burn of removing the clear plastic off of the vehicle’s infotainment screen. Each video revealed a new component of the car to generate focused conversation which delivered that spine-tingling ASMR sensation. The team also leaned into the comments to fuel the conversation with energetic engagement that drove each post higher in subscribers’ feeds.

The campaign resulted in the two most successful social video posts in Cadillac’s social media history, with the 2nd ASMR video clocking 200,000 organic views in 24 hours. The 3rd video continued that trend with 180,000 organic views in 24 hours. Both videos were also trending on Instagram’s ASMR hashtag. To-date, the campaign generated more than 185,000 engagements and 3.3 Million impressions on Instagram without a single dollar of paid media. The campaign will culminate with the vehicle’s full live reveal at the New York Autoshow, and a full 30 second reveal video that will showcase the entire ASMR reveal experience in full detail. The video will be used across all autos how communications to continue the momentum of the Rokkan and Cadillac’s  striking sensory experience.

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