The 6th Sense

In A Hyatt World.

What is life like in a Hyatt World?

Hyatt Hotels and ROKKAN  have launched a coordinated global effort—a series of unexpected activations—to show people what life’s like In A Hyatt World.

In A Hyatt World is a multi-channel initiative that connects social sharing with real-world experiences, all featured on Tumblr. It brings the brand out from behind a Facebook page and Twitter handle to deliver Hyatt hospitality to real people in the real world, driving home the brand’s dedication to a higher standard of contentious service.

In A Hyatt World took on more than 20 busy urban markets the world over including the likes of Chicago, New Orleans, Hong Kong, London, and more, where Hyatt turned the hectic and mundane into a delightful experience.

What would it look like if everyday happened In A Hyatt World? Doors would be opened for you, your phone would always be charged, and you’d never be caught in the rain. Juice would always be free and fresh-squeezed, and the spa would always be steps away.

Read more over at PSFK.

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Two-Time Mobi Awards Finalist.

Rokkan is a two-time Mobi Awards Finalist for JetBlue and Chipotle Apps.

Both the new Chipotle Ordering App and JetBlue’s app were honored at the Digiday’s Mobi Awards! We couldn’t be more proud of these talented teams.

Chipotle Ordering.
Build, order and pay for your burrito masterpiece, then skip the line like the champ you are.

JetBlue App
With automatic notifications and flight info at your fingertips, the nations most-beloved airline has become that much more loveable.

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RECAPP by Stoli.

Capture the moment, with ReCapp by Stoli.

ROKKAN has teamed up with Stoli to create an app first: RECAPP by Stoli turns your night out into a ‘What did we do last night?’ reel to share with your friends, and has just gone live in the App Store and Google Play store. RECAPP captures users’ social posts during the ‘event’ they set up, then composites their tweets, ‘grams, Vines, and posts into high-production video, making a one-of-a-kind video compilation.

Get everyone’s POV from the same event. In addition to an individual video, you can make a private ‘event’ in the app, inviting your group, which adds your friends’ social content to a (now collaborative) event reel. We think this is great for bachelor parties, holidays, summer vacations, etc. where you want to see everyone’s content—not just yours.

You’ll never see the same video twice. RECAPP is customizable, and will automatically change-up the video dependent on the time of day, weather, city/location, the amount and kind of social content shared, and the theme the user chooses.

Once you set up your event or join your friend’s event, RECAPP culls your updates in the background, while you use your normal social media apps as usual./ You’re automatically served up the custom video once your event has ended.

Over 55% of Stoli’s consumers engage with the brand via mobile Web, so creating an app touchpoint was a priority for us and Stoli, as well as developing the original concept/functionality that makes it a first in mobile video apps.  Allowing users to chronicle their lives by inserting their own social posts into high-production video gives them a unique way to further connect with their friends and embrace that next-day nostalgia.

Read more about RECAPP by Stoli in Creativity.

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