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Chipotle App Wins Mobile of the Day.

Chipotle ordering app wins “Mobile of the Day!”

Arguably one of the most popular app updates ever (at least, according to Gizmodo), the new Chipotle Ordering app for iOS has also been recognized as the FWA’s Mobile of the Day, today! The FWA is an industry recognized award program, established in 2000, showcasing projects which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations.

The ROKKAN and Chipotle team worked together to meticulously create new features, an expanded menu, and overall design and functionality enhancements  to support iPhone 5 / iOS6.

Ever have an uncontrollable craving for your favorite Chipotle burrito but don’t have time to stand in line? Or maybe you’re traveling and need a quick taco fix but don’t know where to find the nearest Chipotle. Don’t despair: ordering is as simple as touch, pick and pay! No wandering the streets. No sitting in front of a computer required. Just grab your iPhone, place your custom order, pay with credit and pick it up at the Chipotle nearest you.


– Easily order your food right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. No computer needed…and no waiting in line.
– Pay with a credit card or a gift card. It’s password protected, secure and easy to save.
– Locate the nearest Chipotle when you’re away from home. There are even directions to get you there.
– See the full menu of options and customize to your heart’s content – just like you would in the store or on the Web.
– Use your account login to access all your Favorite and Recent Orders as well as payment info

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Rokkan Lands Aer Lingus.

Rokkan lands Irish Airlines Aer Lingus.

We could not be more proud to announce that Aer Lingus has chosen us as their new Web Agency of Record. Aer Lingus marks our first expansion into European clientele, and we can’t wait to hop across that pond. Read more over at Adweek.

Digital Agency Continues Growth with First European Client Expansion

NEW YORK, NY, July 15, 2013— ROKKAN is pleased to announce it has been selected by Aer Lingus, Ireland’s leading national airline, as their new Web Agency of Record. The agency will focus on a number of creative and strategic initiatives for the iconic airline, ranging from serving as the brand’s digital and strategic partner to re-architecting and re-launching the leading airline’s comprehensive customer experience, digital hub, and booking engine.

ROKKAN will look to leverage its deep expertise in the travel space for Aer Lingus, having created award-winning work for the likes of JetBlue, Virgin America, Caesars, Atlantis Resorts, and several others. The agency’s diverse teams have amassed a wealth of knowledge from their extensive work with US-based airlines and hotels and will adapt and apply those insights and best practices for Aer Lingus in the European market.

“ROKKAN deeply understands our brand and it was great to see the agency use those insights to inform a strategic and creative direction that was just what we were looking for. We love what they have done in the airline and travel space and could not be more excited to kick off this new relationship and provide an improved overall experience for our customers,” said Ronan Fitzpatrick, head of e-commerce for Aer Lingus.

This relationship marks ROKKAN’s first European client expansion, as the agency continues its momentum after opening new offices in Chicago and Los Angeles earlier this year. ROKKAN also continues to scale its core capabilities in digital while expanding upon its offerings across business strategy & innovation, mobile, social, and content strategy.  Their growing client roster now includes JetBlue, Chipotle, American Express, Sharp Electronics, Stolichnaya Vodka, and Bethesda Softworks, among others.

We have always been extremely passionate about the travel space at ROKKAN and pride ourselves on our ability to work very closely with our partners to understand what truly drives customer behavior and decision making in the booking and travel process,” said Chung Ng, chief experience officer and managing partner, ROKKAN. “Aer Lingus is Ireland’s oldest airline and an iconic global brand with an outstanding track record. We could not be happier to get started and help the airline strengthen its already strong tie with its customers.”


ROKKAN is a modern agency born from digital, delivering strategy and execution for a rapidly changing, constantly connected world. Borrowing its name from the Japanese word for intuition, or “the sixth sense,” the agency works with some of the largest brands in the world to solve their most critical business challenges. Founded in 2000, ROKKAN has grown from a three-person startup into a heavily awarded member of the Publicis Groupe [Euronext Paris: FR0000130577] family, housing some of the most innovative talent in the industry. With a unique and nimble approach focusing on the combination of strategy, creative, and technology, ROKKAN’s not your ordinary digital agency. 
Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, tweet at @ROKKANmedia, or connect on LinkedIn.

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A New Editorial Channel For Creativity. A new editorial channel for creativity.

ORGNL.TV is a vibrantly designed new editorial channel from Stoli Vodka that focuses on celebrating originality and creativity through the stories of artists, fashionistas, foodies and tech-heads. Fresh content will be curated by participating artists, and also by contributing editors from the likes of Refinery 29, BuzzFeed, UrbanDaddy, and more.

Through unique, original content, we hope to showcase and foster moments of discovery, inspiration and imagination.

Contagious Magazine interviewed Brian Carley (SVP, executive creative director) about the machinations behind ORGNL.TV, and the larger trend of branded editorial content:

Contagious: What are the business aims for Stoli in relation to ORGNL.TV, and why did the creative team feel that content was the best way to engage with fans of the brand? 

Brian: The aim of ORGNL.TV is to help grow the fan base and build a community of like-minded people with real interest in the arts. In a crowded market, like spirits, to be able to own a content channel that allows us to feature unique people and stories that are true and that we love, will only help solidify that we’re authentic to our beliefs and ultimately build affinity for what we do. We don’t want to only talk about our product specifically in a place where people are spending their time consuming things that are important to them and not just advertising. It’s not enough to co-opt or sponsor content, but if we can create it and own it then we can be innovators in that area and build it into something much bigger in the coming years, which is the ultimate goal.

Contagious: How did the brand select what content to include, and what is appropriate for it to have a point of view on? 

Brian: We’re selecting content by vetting artists and features through an internal team and our client. The goal is to feature people, stories, places that we feel have an angle of originality. We really want to showcase interesting stories, the types of narratives you wouldn’t find or see elsewhere. There needs to be an element of exclusivity to the content.

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CLIO Awards Hot Shop.

Rokkan named ‘Hot Shop’ by the Clio Awards’ Creative Brief

After the CLIO Awards named ROKKAN a ‘Hot Shop,’ they sat down with Brian Carley (SVP, Executive Creative Director) to get inside our creative vision, work philosophy, and more:

CLIOs: You recently rejoined Rokkan after some time at Saatchi & Saatchi. What kinds of things does ROKKAN do better than larger agencies?
Brian: People talk about smaller places being scrappy, and I think we are pretty scrappy. The one thing I love about this place, and I can say it’s not the same at bigger places, is that if you’re an art director, you’re also a graphic designer and you have chops. If we’re designing a website or a print ad or anything related to a campaign, we’re taking it from concept to final execution. There’s no studio that we work with. Our creatives have to be able to carry through the entire process. That’s been really important. It helps us get stuff done really quickly. There’s less back and forth. You don’t have to send it off somewhere and have somebody else do it. We all sit in the same room, work really hard together, and everybody does everything, even the upper management. I’m designing stuff when I have to work late. We’re all just chipping in as much as we need to.

CLIOs: What’s the overriding creative philosophy at ROKKAN?
Brian: The thing that we’ve proven that we’re really good at is when we’re trying to tell a creative story or crack the story for our clients, we do it based on the sweet spot between the business need and the consumer need. That’s how we sell ourselves, and it’s what differentiates us from what some other places do. If a client comes to us and says, “We need a website,” we do the due diligence and do the strategy to figure out if they actually need a website or if they need something else. So, I think it’s crafting stories around that sweet spot between “The client thinks they need this” and “The consumer actually wants that.” Where is the middle area that’s going to let us tell the best story to the consumer and ultimately yield the best results to the client?

Read the full Q&A over at the CLIO Creative Brief.

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