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Rokkan Launches + iPhone App.

Rokkan announces the completely re-designed and new iPhone app!


The new includes:

  • A new visual navigation to make the site experience more intuitive
  • Ability to track your upcoming flights without ever leaving the home page
  • Prominent TrueBlue sign-in module, encouraging users to sign in for maximum benefits (flight status, relevant fare deals based on your location and search history, etc.)
  • Improved flight booking widget

The new JetBlue iPhone app features:

  • The app was designed with a beautiful, clean look, consistent with the new .com, but (of course) optimized for mobile. With help from Double Encore, the app was created with rich, smooth design&emdash;truly leveraging the native iOS capability.
  • Travel Modes: The JetBlue app tracks your upcoming flight, and knows where you are in your travel cycle. This functionality allows users to easily book, check in, share flight info, see flight status, gate and terminal info, baggage claim information, etc.
  • Pick Me Up:  Send real-time flight information to the person who is picking you up at your destination. This allows the recipient to see useful information such as the flight status, local airport information, traffic and routes to the airport, etc.
  • Fun Features: Give your friends travel envy by creating a custom JetBlue photo postcard, shareable via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Destination Guide: Once you’ve booked your flight, the app displays weather, airport info, and tips on what to do in your destination city.

Read more over at JetBlue.

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What Went into the JetBlue Redesign?

We sat down with our own Charles Bae, ECD and Partner, for a quick Q & A about the new JetBlue look.

R: Which five words would you use to describe the new and JetBlue iPhone app design?

C: Loveable, simple, smart, refreshing, and inviting.

R:What’s the inspiration behind the new look?
C:The new look was inspired by what else, JetBlue! After reviewing the history of their .com, we did sort of a reset and literally went back to basics. We purposefully kept the design simple, using core brand elements and very little embellishment, to make sure the brand would shine through. JetBlue’s tail fins inspired us to keep things simple and fun…a quality of the brand customers know and love.

R: How does this new design contribute to the overall customer experience?
C: That flying is fun! Every aspect of the JetBlue experience is about how to make things easier and more enjoyable for the customer, whether it’s booking a ticket online, checking-in on your phone, or enjoying unlimited snacks in-flight. It’s truly about the customer.

Pre- and post-flight booking has become even easier and more intuitive to manage with the .com and mobile integration. Self-service was an important aspect of the new redesign, and even on the JetBlue homepage, you’ll see there is a greater emphasis on customer needs, rather than on other information. Where else can you check your flight status without having to click a single button? Once you’re logged into TrueBlue, the homepage will display most of what you need to know about your upcoming flight without any clicks.

Now that’s loveable.

Read more over at JetBlue.

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