Where do puppies come from?

Consumers have become hyper-aware of where their food and clothes come from, but what about their pets? It’s pretty hard to believe that most dog purchasers don’t know that they’re buying from puppy mills. Puppy love blinds us from the truth. By asking this one question, we hope to spur people to think more critically about where puppies really come from.

“Throughout the organization’s long history, we have mounted a number of campaigns to raise awareness of the horror of puppy mills,” said John Goodwin, senior director of the stop puppy mills campaign at The HSUS. “We’ve had great success in many of our previous efforts, but the fact remains that mills are still operating thanks to support from well-intentioned but unsuspecting buyers. This latest campaign aims to chip away at the puppy mill facade and stress that where your puppy comes from matters.” The campaign focuses on two of the most deceptive outlets for puppy mills: puppy-selling websites and pet stores. These venues don’t allow the buyer a chance to see where the puppy was raised before making a purchase, often helping to conceal inhumane conditions.

To find more information and take action against puppy mills by signing The Puppy Pledge, please visit DontBuyIntoPuppyMills.com.

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