ROKKAN takes JetBlue to new heights with a new digital experience and real-time companion app

The New JetBlue
  • Client:JetBlue
  • Brand:JetBlue, TrueBlue
  • Role:Digital Agency of Record
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The Challenge

"We chose ROKKAN for their hands-on approach, portfolio, and passion for our brand…Finding a group of people with a similar set of values and beliefs was really important to us."— Michael Stromer, VP Customer Connections & Marketing, JetBlue

JetBlue—the only 4-star airline in the U.S.—is already known for being a step ahead at 35,000 feet. However, JetBlue needed to ensure that the customer experience on the ground left their customers just as happy, especially on the digital and mobile channels where they are spending an increasing amount of their time.

The airline’s desire to translate the “humanness” of the their brand to their digital presence, and increase the number of flyers participating in the TrueBlue loyalty program led ROKKAN on a new quest: to make the nation’s favorite airline even more lovable.

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The Solution

Our solution was two-fold: 1) a digital rebrand and redesign to make the JetBlue desktop and mobile Web experience as fun as flying with them, coupled with 2) a seamless .com + app pair that worked in tandem when tied to a flyer’s TrueBlue account. Together, we called it the “travel cycle.”

First, we pounded the pavement, interviewing over 15,000 JetBlue customers and employees, to gain unprecedented insight into how people travel, and what they need when they fly. We learned that when most consumers are booking and choosing a carrier to fly with, it’s usually the cheapest fare that wins. However, the JetBlue customer was an exception to the general price-point rule.

Instead, customers flew JetBlue because the brand had a ”humanity” and personal touch that other airlines lacked. Customers had a deep connection to the brand, and that relationship was central to our design and concepting approach. Simplicity and ease were also fundamental customer asks, as well as real-time updates when on-the-go.

Beginning with, we created a new, intuitive design. Self-service and simplicity were central to our concept for the new look and feel, largely inspired by the distinctive blue and orange, avant-garde tailfin patterns on JetBlue’s planes. In the new digital destination, visitors can book flights and hotels, get trip information, explore the JetBlue fleet and more, all in an elegant, minimal interface. Only relevant rates and offers are displayed, based on previous searches, location, and interests. And, once logged into TrueBlue, the homepage will automatically display your itineraries, upcoming flights, or personalized fares without even one click.

We also extended the redesign to mobile Web—creating the fastest mobile airline site in the country.

Where else can you check your flight status without having to click a single button? Only on the JetBlue app, of course. With help from Double Encore, ROKKAN developed the app for iOS and Android with rich, smooth design, truly leveraging native gesturing and geo-location capabilities. The JetBlue app does everything, from giving you real-time automatic updates with “Travel Modes,” to making sure that your ride is waiting for when you arrive with “Pick Me Up.” You can even gain bragging rights with your friends by making a custom photo postcard and sharing it on your social channels.

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The Results

An industry first, we created a completely integrated new and mobile app that worked in tandem and in real-time. For iOS and Android, the app (the brand’s first-ever foray into mobile) has seen over a million downloads and counting. The reimagined has virtually eradicated all web-related customer complaints, and is the 4th most popular major airline website worldwide. Days after launch, TrueBlue member enrollments increased by the thousands. From desktop to the second screen, ROKKAN delivered exactly what flyers wanted, and more, helping JetBlue make travel more ‘human.’

By centering the experience around ease of use and utility, ROKKAN helped JetBlue once again prove their dedication to creating amazing passenger experiences, both inside the terminal and out.


Decrease in user complaints on the new


Increase of TrueBlue enrollments, drastic growth when compared to the previous year.


Of JetBlue’s revenue now stems from mobile booking, a previously non-existent revenue stream

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