APR 18, 2013

We’re All Publishers Now: Content Marketing In A Narrowcasting World


I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on a panel at Mediapost’s Video Insider Summit in lovely New Paltz, NY. It took place at the Mohonk Mountain House, which if you’ve never been, I highly recommend as a great place for a city getaway. We’re talking fresh air, beautiful lake, hiking trails, outdoor sports, etc. It is, in a word, breathtaking. But I digress. The focus of the weekend was to gather some smart people into a small space and talk about how video is integral to what we all do as brands, advertisers, marketers, storytellers and more.

I was specifically asked to partake in a panel discussion called We’re all Publishers Now. The goal of panel was to talk about how brands are becoming content publishers and agencies are becoming like newsrooms. The advent of new video technologies has made it cheaper and faster to produce content for our clients and thusly: they expect that from their agencies.

Topics ranged from actual production processes and quality discussions to how agencies can actually start to build new models internally to account for this new type of production.  However a big sticking point came when we started to talk about agencies working with content and media partners to create more content for the brands. And we spent a great deal talking about the value of that content and whether or not it truly helps with people’s perception of the brand or just becomes noise that get lost in the massive world of branded video content.

Throughout the discussion the main and most important point was clearly around making sure–regardless of media buys, partners, production assets, etc.–that the content had to be valuable to the end user in order for it to be worthwhile for any and all parties. Ultimately, just because we now have the ability to create more, do it faster, spread it quicker and target it down to very specific criteria, doesn’t mean that we should, especially if what we’re making isn’t great.

So: make great stuff.

Check out the full video of the panel below.

(On a side note, find someone you love and take him/her to the Mohonk Mountain House for a weekend. You’ll be happy that you did!)

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