The ROKKAN Retrospektive

In the past two weeks you’ve…

Met ROKKANite Yan Sze Li, one of our Senior Designers.
Gotten some new swag(ger) and styling tips from our first annual clothing swap.

And, just in case you’ve been under a rock, our Must-Reads from around the industry:

Photo: Felt Racing
How Twitter found one New Yorker’s stolen bike.
Ten points to the power of social media! Lucky journalist Jody Rosen’s stolen bike was recovered and returned to him, thanks to a couple of Good Samaritan tweeples. Well done, Internet, we applaud you. Happy hashtagging!

Photo: YouTube
Tribal DDB launched their new Israel office by hosting the agency’s website entirely on Instagram. The user-experience nightmare has visitors to the “site” navigating via hashtags. Is it cutting-edge genius or just another excuse for the trolls to come out and play (check out #tdilclients to see what we mean…)? Check out the rest of the “Officegram” by searching #tdilcontact, #tdilworks, #tdilpeople, #tdilworklife, and #tdilhumor.

Photo: Tech Axcess
Yahoo hands the reigns over to Marissa Mayer, an ex-Google geek.
Does Mayer, the rock star credited for necessities such as Gmail and Google News, have what it takes to jumpstart one of the Internet’s dinosaur brands? Only time will tell. Read more over at Wired.

Photo: GLSTN
The two tribes of the media industry come face-to-face in a battle to the deaths!
Media has two “tribes” of creatives: the humanities (writers), and the techies (coders). Whose got the upper hand and competitive edge in a temperamental job market? Read more over at The Guardian.

Photo: Wired
Mind the gap!
A thoughtful piece on the widening gap between those who make the Web and those who use it. (Maybe now you’ll think twice about being Mom’s tech support?) The technology learning curve is steeper than ever—something the folks at Elezea caution programmers and designers to keep in mind when creating online experiences.

Photo: Mashable
Hashable, the NYC based startup that created the Twitter-based business card, will sadly be shutting down on July 25th. Fortunately, die-hard Hash-heads have until then to download their complete profile info. However, we have a feeling that this won’t be the last we’ve heard of CEO Michael Yavonditte et al. Read more about the company’s history over at BetaBeat.

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