APR 24, 2014

The future of connected devices: SoDA Talk


Our own Brian Carley (SVP, Executive Creative Director) spoke at the Society of Digital Agencies talk on “Connected Devices” at the Art Director’s Club gallery.

Joining co-panelists Michael Lebowitz (Big Spaceship), Christian Cantrell (Adobe), and Gavin Becker (MediaMonks) for a boozy thought leadership brunch, Brian dived right in to discussing the challenges and exciting future of “The Internet of Things.”

The rise of iBeacons and Nike’s dropping out of the wearables game have both spurred debates on the fundamental use of location-based marketing, NFC and Bluetooth technologies. Brian talked about how can capitalize on these innovative technologies in unique ways, while still respecting consumer’s privacy, and not coming off as intrusive or creepy.


From handballs that teach kids, toothbrushes that tell you how well you brushed your teeth, and the recent deluge of “wearables,” the spectrum of connected devices hitting the market has exploded, with wins and WTFs on all sides.

“Connected devices get really interesting when people have to do nothing to use them.” – Brian Carley

However, fundamental crux that the panel arrived at was this: the future of connected devices is moot unless software and hardware developers and engineers work together to create products with real value. Ensuring a strong positive impact on people’s lives—giving them a tool that is easy, relevant, and useful—is the first step. Working with a brand who isn’t afraid to innovate is the next.

The talk closed out with a lightning round of SoDA’s trademark “fishbowl” speakers, where a few audience members, from students to industry veterans were encouraged to come up and join the panel to share their own points of view, creating an interactive, candid conversation.

Read more about the SoDA Connected Devices event.


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