MAY 29, 2013

ROKKAN’s Speaking at the Beautiful Debussy Theatre at Cannes


Going to Cannes Lions?

Join John Noe, CEO & Managing Partner, and Brian Carley, SVP & Executive Creative Director on June 22 at “The Branded Way: How To Make Content Marketing Work For You In The Digital Age (And Have Fun Doing It).”

Just what will John and Brian be talking about?

“Content is king.” As marketers and creatives living and working in a digital world, this adage has been omnipresent and etched in virtually all of our minds over the last several years. During that time, though, as digital and social have exponentially disrupted the space and paradigms began to shatter, the nature of what is considered to be viable content has inherently changed. ROKKAN offers its perspective on this shift in addition to walking folks through how best to concept, create, deliver, and measure the most important form of content in the marketing mix today. Executives from the agency walk through the creation process while sharing anecdotes, actionable insights, and examples of content that builds loyalty and awareness, strengthens connections with consumers, and showcases a brand’s unique attributes and characteristics as no other form of media can.

Best practices and guidelines around content marketing are evolving and changing everyday. ROKKAN’s goal is for delegates to leave this talk with a better understanding of how we got here, the process behind the development and management of successful content and how you can apply some of these tactics in your everyday roles as creative professionals … and have some fun doing it!



Can’t make it to the South of France, but still want to experience the learning programme?

Vote for our seminar to be one of the first-ever livestreamed sessions at Cannes Lions. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click that radio button so you can get the content marketing download from the cozy comfort of your desk.

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