NOV 10, 2011

Rokkan Announces the Launch of the Newly Redesigned THQ Website

(New York, NY) November 10, 2011 — Rokkan, a full-service digital agency recognized for successfully building integrated digital solutions, today announces the launch of the redesigned THQ website. THQ, a leader in the gaming industry, offers a variety of video games for every genre and consumer. The site launch follows THQ’s recent re-branding and showcases the brand’s continued dedication to develop triple-A titles and its own intellectual properties.

“With popular new game titles priced upwards of $60 and new titles constantly fighting for shelf space, it was an important step for THQ to push their position as a leading publisher through a complete re-branding company. The new THQ design earmarks the publisher’s intent to forge a new path.” stated a representative from THQ.


“To reflect THQ’s rebranding, the new was designed to reinvent the way consumers digested information,” says CEO of Rokkan, John Noe concerning the redesign. Noe continues, “Showcasing the latest and hottest titles under ‘Fresh’ and the popular past titles under, ‘Classic’ among other category redefinitions is one of many simple ways Rokkan and THQ chose to display products. By creating an editorial look and feel to the site, product information is now delivered in an explorative way, stripping away the traditional catalogue grid-view of games and instead inviting the user to click around and discover THQ’s suite of products from game to game.”

Rokkan has developed online experiences and marketing strategies for gaming brands like EA Games, 2K Games, Rockstar, Nintendo and Square Enix. And coupled with Rokkan’s deep e-commerce and customer experience strategy with Virgin America, Atlantis and Chipotle, the blend of gaming expertise and deep digital experience made Rokkan an ideal fit to spearhead the re-launch of THQ.

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