APR 09, 2015

Is VR the Next Big Form of In-Bar Entertainment?


Jim Beam and Dos Equis, among other alcohol brands, have begun to jump onboard the Virtual Reality bandwagon. With technologies like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear taking over gaming, new verticals are beginning to pay attention and are experimenting with branded experiences inside the very bars where their products are sold and enjoyed.

But is VR going to be the future of in-bar entertainment?

Vincent Au, VP Experience Design at Rokkan, is a bit skeptical: “I think that VRcould be the next form of in-bar entertainment for liquor brands, but I hope it isn’t. Mostly from a personal standpoint of the risks involved with having tipsy folks using new VR technology and not being aware of their real-world surroundings.”

However, Vincent thinks that VR could be more effective if brands turned to augmented reality instead, and transformed the bar or venue into a completely different setting, but still within the very real context of being with your friends and hanging out. That would be a powerful convergence of technology with a viable, cool experience.

Read more of Vincent’s POV, and on the future of brands and VR over at Adweek.

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