MAY 30, 2013

How Agencies Sell Risk to Brands: Digiday Agency Summit

In the final segment of a 4-part series, Zach Newcomb, svp client partnership, talked with Digiday’s Jack Marshall about how agencies can build deep relationships with their clients. For the more cautious brand, he said, “the key to selling more content-focused campaigns is to start small and to prove your worth, and then you can get clients to start taking bigger risks with less quantifiable investments,” he said.

Especially when working in digital, in new technologies or platforms that aren’t ‘proven,’ developing lasting, strong relationships with clients is paramount to successful “firsts” and true innovation.

Read more in Digiday, or watch the full talk from the Digiday Agency Summit below:

Getting Clients Comfortable with Risks from Digiday.

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