AUG 16, 2010

Hoof-tastic! Equestrian Neightion Wins FWA Site Of The Day

Remember those long summer days in the meadows, galloping across the field like Gandalf and Shadowfax, listening to the cadence of your horse’s hooves riding off into the sunset?


If not, you’re in luck. The folks here at ROKKAN have created a fun 3D world called the Equestrian Neightion Riding Academy. Here, you can experience all the great things about owning a horse without ever stepping foot on a ranch, from learning basic equestrian terms, to what types of gaits and strides you need to learn while riding.

Our in-house 3D team used Maya and Modo for all the modeling and animation and even customized our own little version of Away 3D to get the horse’s head and tail movement just right. We learned a whole lot about horses on this project, but one thing is for sure -they’re tough to maintain (even in virtual reality).



Big thanks to Rob Ford and the folks at The FWA for awarding us with The Site Of The Day. You Guys Rock!

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