In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got some part-time, four-legged additions to our family of ROKKANites.

The International Journal of Workplace Health Management recently published a study showing that having dogs in the office reduces stress and increases creativity and mental well being in the workplace.

ROKKAN partner/chief creative officer (and hardcore animal lover) Charles Bae couldn’t agree more.  “Generally dogs are therapeutic not only for their owners, but also for their co-workers,” he said. “They contribute immensely in creating a positive and open work culture that many employees and employers should strive towards.” Charles brings his dog, a German Shepherd named May, to ROKKAN just about every day.

Having a dog-friendly philosophy stamps a particular flavor into ROKKAN’s culture, one that our partners think is key to acquiring and retaining the caliber of talent that makes up our ROKKANites.

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And, for some more cute overload, check out more photos of our office dogs.