Los Angeles

Senior Visual Designer

Rokkan is a creative agency that believes in cultivating client change through true partnership. What that means is, we like to work closely with clients to make the best work we possibly can. We put humans at the center of all of our ideas and we don’t get held back by platforms or mediums. The idea comes first and the work is king.

We’re currently looking for a Visual Designer to join our team. They should have strong design skills and experience working on large consumer facing products and platforms. They should be fast, flexible and ready to push the boundaries of designs. We’re not looking for experts, we’re looking for folks who can be vocal when they don’t know how to do something, yet willing to dig in to find solutions. We want people who have the ability to grow quickly, learn fast and are excited about the idea of creating design for others to use and interact with.



If interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume here. Please email your resume and cover letter to jobs@rokkan.com as well.

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