Los Angeles

Senior Experience Designer

Rokkan is looking for a Senior Experience Designer to work self-sufficiently under minimal direction from management.

At Rokkan, Client Partnership means something different than at more traditional organizations. We see ourselves as half cutting edge digital agency and half strategic consultancy, helping our clients successfully navigate the digital environment to align their core business strategy, and to capitalize on not only marketing but operational, organizational and strategic opportunities.

The Client Partnership team plays a pivotal role in the agency in two ways, first and foremost, we roll up our sleeves and dig deeply into our client’s businesses and organizations to intuitively understand their organizations and competitive environments and to provide clarity and strategic direction that leads to success. Second, and no less important, we are also the client’s direct link to the agency and we are the ones who connect clients to our projects, our work, and our thinking. We represent their interests, brand and vision, and promote a healthy tension with internal stakeholders as we fight for what’s in our clients’ best interests.



If interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume here. Please email your resume and cover letter to jobs@rokkan.com as well.

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