What is life like In A Hyatt World?


Hyatt Hotels and ROKKAN  have launched a coordinated global effort—a series of unexpected activations—to show people what life’s like In A Hyatt World. In A Hyatt World is a multi-channel initiative that connects social sharing with real-world experiences, all featured on Tumblr. It brings the brand out from behind a Facebook page and Twitter handle to… Read More

ROKKAN is a Two-Time Mobi Awards Finalist for JetBlue and Chipotle Apps


Both the new Chipotle Ordering App and JetBlue’s app were honored at the Digiday’s Mobi Awards! We couldn’t be more proud of these talented teams. Chipotle Ordering. Build, order and pay for your burrito masterpiece, then skip the line like the champ you are. JetBlue App With automatic notifications and flight info at your fingertips, the nations most-beloved… Read More

Capture the Moment, with RECAPP by Stoli


ROKKAN has teamed up with Stoli to create an app first: RECAPP by Stoli turns your night out into a ‘What did we do last night?’ reel to share with your friends, and has just gone live in the App Store and Google Play store. RECAPP captures users’ social posts during the ‘event’ they set up, then composites their tweets, ‘grams, Vines,… Read More



At last night’s iabMIXX Awards, ROKKAN and JetBlue took home the Silver for ‘Best Branded Mobile App!’ We couldn’t be more proud, and had a wonderful night at the gala, hosted by none other than comedian John Hodgman. The JetBlue App is ROKKAN’s most-awarded mobile project to date. We are very honored, and would like… Read More

WATCH: Fully Integrated. How Digital Agencies are Becoming Agencies


Start off your Advertising Week with the death of the digital agency. ROKKAN’s John Noe (CEO + Managing Partner) and Brian Carley (SVP, ECD) will speak to the seismic shift in the scope of responsibilities digital shops are now responsible for, and explore ROKKAN’s transition from siloed production shops to full-service agency partners, solving critical business problems for… Read More

ORGNL.TV: A New Editorial Channel For Creativity


ORGNL.TV is a vibrantly designed new editorial channel from Stoli Vodka that focuses on celebrating originality and creativity through the stories of artists, fashionistas, foodies and tech-heads. Fresh content will be curated by participating artists, and also by contributing editors from the likes of Refinery 29, BuzzFeed, UrbanDaddy, and more. Through unique, original content, we… Read More